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Cheil Centrade

Cheil Centrade Leading Team Members

How we got here?

Cheil Centrade Adriatic is situated in Belgrade and acts as a regional hub for the Adriatic region, servicing clients in Serbia, Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro, North Macedonia, and Albania. ​

We offer meaningful solutions for enterprise clients as well as small and medium businesses. We plan to establish a stable foothold on the digital landscape and enable seamless communication between the client, customer and consumer.

Leading Team Members

Vanja Cvetkov - Business Director
Vanja Cvetkov
Business Director
Danilo Obradović - Digital Production Manager
Danilo Obradović
Digital Production Manager
Ivan Mandrapa - Account Director
Ivan Mandrapa
Account Director
Danijela Aleksić - HR
Danijela Aleksić
Slađana Pajičić - Accountant
Slađana Pajičić
Tanja Đorđević - Creative Strategist
Tanja Đorđević
Creative Strategist

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