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CRM ​ Strategy

Generate leads, drive website traffic and build brand awareness ...

  • Building, managing, and growing the user database​
  • Identifying specific consumer segments and their lifecycle, developing buyer personas​
  • Mapping consumer journey and developing the associated experience​
  • Determining the tone and direction of communication through all CRM channels​
  • Creating content and determining campaign types​
  • Improving sales throughout  the CRM channel​
  • Monitoring, analyzing, and interpreting CRM results​
  • Automating CRM processes and communication​
  • Customer support teams

CRM ​ Multichannel Comms​

Choose channels your customers prefer ...

Choose channels your customers prefer the most: 

Email, Mob &Web push, SMS, Viber message.

  • Copywriting​
  • Production of visual assets​
  • Localization of text and visual assets​
  • Campaign management​
  • Consumer segmentation at the level of individual campaigns​
  • A/B testing​
  • Setting up, testing and executing campaigns​
  • Making reports and proposing improvements​
  • Maintenance and creation of content for Mobile App​

CRM Loyalty & Retention Program

Inspire Customer loyalty ...

Inspire customer loyalty with best approach.

  • Analyzing customer data to identify key segments and target groups for loyalty programs​
  • Developing and implementing loyalty program strategies and campaigns​
  • Managing loyalty program membership and rewards systems

Analytics & Reporting

Turn data into valuable insights ...

  • Holistic view of your customers (demographics, behavior, purchase history, etc.)​
  • Sales and marketing data, such as lead generation and conversion rates​
  • Service and support data, such as response time and customer satisfaction ratings​
  • External data, such as economic and industry trends

Operational CRM

Implement your CRM strategy on ...

Implement your CRM strategy on a daily basis with our well-coordinated CRM team...

  • CRM team with more than 4 years of experience​
  • Multi-market coverage ​
  • Professional team structure: Strategists, Associates, Analysts, Copywriters and Graphic Designers​
  • Everyday usage of advanced CRM Tools

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