Product Development and Maintenance Services


Web Maintenance

Creating, updating, redesigning and publishing ...

  • Creating, updating, redesigning, and publishing web pages
  • Updating pages and checking for their new versions of pages and specifications
  • Creation of pages with different mechanisms and functionalities
  • Finding new solutions for functionalities on local pages
  • Solving technical problems and difficulties

Quality Assurance

Performing quality control on web pages ...

  • Performing quality control on web pages
  • Providing support to the client during intensive, long-term projects such as migrating pages to a new server, launching new functionalities, or updating existing ones with new versions
  • Creating test plans, testing web content, testing products on different servers

Software Development

Developing software applications for ...

  • Developing software applications for desktop, web, or mobile platforms
  • Testing and debugging software to ensure reliability
  • Providing maintenance and support for developed software

App and Platform Development

Development and tracking ...

  • Development and tracking
  • Project QA and delivery
  • Technical support and maintenance
  • Project validation
  • Cloud infrastructure and DevOps
  • Project debugging
  • Development of content management systems

Technical Support

Assisting with technical issues related to ...

  • Assisting with technical issues related to the web service
  • Providing support for hardware and software
  • Collaborating with the development team to fix any issues
  • Staying up to date on new features and functionality of the web service

Project Management

Proactive project planning and proposal ...

  • Proactive project planning and proposal
  • Briefing and debriefing
  • Project management and team coordination
  • Project delivery
  • Project optimization
  • Project documentation
  • Cost management
  • Risk management

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