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Product Page Building

Support, maintenance and focus for product launches

Daily Maintenance Updates

Bugfixes and daily quality updates

User Experience Improvement Testing

Functional and quality testing focused on problem-solving and improving user experience

Web Operations - Case Study

CLIENT: Samsung

MARKET: Adriatic region

Monitoring the launch of new projects on an ongoing base​.

Our scope of work includes creating particular pages for adapting new products, their registration, and design solutions on the website. Due to constant improvement, our team is overgrowing with the website development and localizing websites for six countries.


Scope Of Work & Team

Strategy & operational work:

  • Support for global pages​
  • Daily checks and QA testing​
  • Localization
  • Coordination with global and local teams

Our team consists of:

  • Account Managers​
  • Project Managers​
  • Web publishers
  • Q&A​
Web Operations Case Study

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